Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Truth About Cinderella

by Asim Jalis

Here is an example of how to use analysis to arrive at somewhat unconventional conclusions. See which of the premises and arguments look suspicious. * * * No single story has done as much to stereotype step-mothers as Cinderella. But why has this happened? Cinderella is a fictional story. Let's not stereotype all step-mothers based on this made up story. For all we know this is pure anti-step-mother propaganda produced by a vindictive biological mother desperately trying to win a custody battle. In fact the whole premise of Cinderella is quite suspicious. For example, where is the dad? How can someone be a single parent step-mother? Even if we assume the dad died or left the family there are other issues. Notice that the step-sisters are much older than Cinderella: (a) for example, they are more desperate to marry, which suggests their biological clocks are ticking away, (b) they have bigger feet which further suggests they are older. If Cinderella was born before her dad married her step-mother she should be older than her step-sisters, not younger. The only other possibility is that the step-sisters are from the step-mother's previous marriage and are not biologically related to Cinderella. But then what kind of a man would marry a woman with two daughters from a previous marriage and then abandon his own daughter with her as well. What an animal. Truly her biological father is the real villain in the story. In fact it is the step-mother who appears to have the kindest heart. Despite being dumped by Cinderella's father, she takes his daughter, who is unrelated to her biologically, out of the pure goodness of her heart. She feeds her, gives her a place to live and raises her as her own. She must have fed Cinderella well for the prince to fall so hard for her. It is unlikely that the prince -- a man of the world -- would fall for a scrawny malnourished urchin with smelly hands. And what does the step-mother get in return? Does Cinderella ever call back after she marries the prince, do you think? Did she ever thank her for raising her so well? In fact, she did no such thing. Instead she spreads or at least quietly encourages rumors about her own abuse at this kind woman's hands. What an ingrate.