Saturday, January 15, 2005

Internet, Innovation, Google, Software

by Asim Jalis

1. The internet was hard to design (it did not happen earlier) because the software architects charged wtih designing networked communication systems assumed complete information was necessary. 2. The href style link is an innovation because it makes no assumptions about the link. It does not assume that the link exists, or that the browser knows or needs to know whether the link exists. 3. The less an application knows the more powerful it becomes. Information and bandwidth are expensive. The internet is built on the premise that you don't really need to know very much about the rest of the network to play in it. 4. To be innovative look for innovations where you reduce the features rather than increase them. The limits on software now are not the ability to program or to think big or to do more, but the ability to think small, or to do less. 5. Google is an example of this idea. The spartan interface wins against much more feature-ful and bloated ones. 6. Google brings the power of the command line to people who are not developers. 7. To innovate, don't think of what more you can add, but think instead of what can be removed. For example, why are all IDEs GUI-based? Could a command line IDE be more powerful than GUI-based IDEs?