Friday, January 14, 2005

Conflict Between Google Ads And Blogging

by Asim Jalis

It occurred to me that there is a conflict between what I have been doing on my sites, and what I need to do to optimize Google ads. The purpose of a personal site (such as mine) is to publish ideas. From the perspective of ads, there is really no market for original ideas or thoughts. Original ideas don't lead people to make purchase decisions. The purpose of a well-oiled ad site should be to capture people and then direct them to other things. It's a way station on the way to other things. The purpose of a website is to say, "hey there, look at me, I am so smart". The purpose of a well-oiled ad site is to help people make decisions. For example, I have recently been doing research on VoIP to figure out which one I should get. If I put up a summary of my research on the web somewhere it is more likely that I will get hits, than if I write about action and consequences. And yet, beyond making this observation, I am not interested in pursuing this line of thought further. I am not going to start posting reviews of different cellphones or VoIP services. Instead we shall continue discussing esoteric matters such as actions and their consequences.