Monday, July 26, 2004

Pair Programming With a Teddy Bear

by Asim Jalis

For both physical and mental work turning it into play definitely requires some creative thinking. Feel free to share any ideas you have. I am planning to take crayons to work for the iteration meeting, so we write down tasks in crayons instead of markers. I suspect it will be a different experience. Here are some ideas to make programming fun: 1. Pair with a bear. Let's call this bear-programming. Here's how it works. Get a teddy bear or some other cute stuffed animal. Prop him up next to the monitor. Call him Jerome. And then explain everything you do to Jerome. He is your pair. Don't forget to share the credit for the code with Jerome. 2. Write a program that pops open Tetris or some other game every 15-20 minutes, and then tells you that it is time for a break. 3. Find a crayon font and write your program in the crayon font. Hah. This should be fun. 4. Program in Klingon. Use Klingon for all the variable names. 5. Use some other language: French. Write your program in French. 6. Write the program in fake French. Write it in English but with a fake French accent :-) Or use a fake German accent, or a fake Spanish accent. 7. Write a program in Pig Latin. The "main" function would be "ainmay", and so on. 8. Put funky sound effects in your program. There might be a market for a program that plays a small explosion sound each time you delete a file. Each time you create a new file you hear the cry of a new born baby. Compiling a program produces an earthquake sound. There are a lot of possibilities here. Run with them. Go ahead. Create this market and capture it.