Friday, January 14, 2005

Simple Way to Engage

by Asim Jalis

Here is a simple way to engage that I used in the past but then I forgot about it. I remembered it because I was thinking about my frame of mind during job interviews. The technique is simple: Focus. Push your mind like it is a muscle and pay attention to every nuance. Pay attention to every word being spoken by the other person. Pay attention to the task at hand. Whatever it is, put your whole mind to it. And push this. Force this. Exert a pressure on your mind to focus. Sometimes I widen my eyes to enable this forcing. This works well in boring meetings. By trying to understand what people are saying, even when the material is unfamiliar, it quickly becomes understandable. Attention compounds information. If you pay about 1% more attention per minute, this compounds over an hour to (1+ 0.01)^60 times more information accumulated. This is about 82% more information.