Monday, September 27, 2004

The Dance of Change by Peter Senge

by Asim Jalis

1. I am reading Peter Senge's The Dance of Change. An interesting idea he starts with is that the underlying metaphor for the current phase of our civilization, the hidden assumption that defines all thinking, is the concept of the machine. We see everything as a machine. Managers are expected to drive organizations. The manager is the intelligent driver, and the organization is the machine that he must drive. We measure people in terms of productivity and output, much as we would measure a machine. 2. Perhaps a more appropriate metaphor for the organization and for many other aspects of our lives might be the biological system. In a biological system things are not as well defined. Effects lag causes. Change takes time. 3. Use simulation games to train for the reality of business and life. 4. There is a conflict between patterns of nature and the patterns in which we think. Our logical mind finds the way nature works counterintuitive. This is the source of dysfunction.