Sunday, May 04, 2003

Interesting Web Service Problems

by Asim Jalis

Here are some thoughts on how to make web services interesting: 1. Look at the mathematics of web services communication. Think of a server farm as a graph. Find how the traffic flows. Characterize it mathematically. Find ways of optimizing the traffic. Frame the server farm problem mathematically, solve it, and then remap it to server farms. 2. Look at the mathematics of security. What makes a system secure. Learn about mathematical models of security. 3. Explore principles and techniques of unit testing. Explore techniques for functional testing. 4. Look at competing products. Compare the architectures. Identify principles of design. 5. Find the principles of design for web services management systems. Okay. Now I can also see how architecture work can be Ne-Ti. However, it has to feed off of something. It can't occur in a vacuum. The INTP architecture would try to identify fundamental principles and then apply them as generally as possible.